Air Duct Design Pdf

It simplifies complex information for the layperson or, in my case, the architect. Each section of duct, each fitting, each turn of the air adds resistance to that air flow because of friction and turbulence. So, I don't see these as insurmountable obstacles.

Air duct design pdf

The idea is less turbulence in the center of the pipe and more consistent air flow across the entire pipe diameter. Practical applications of these equations are included through use of reference tables and examples.

With rigid duct, you turn the air with fittings, but unfortunately that's not always the case with flex duct. This generally arises when you move air through fittings, or when you turn the air. The weight of air The first thing you need to know is that air has weight.

It takes work to move weight around. Economics of Duct Systems d. As it travels through a trunk-and-branch duct system, the quantity keeps diminishing because some of it gets diverted down each branch on the way to the end.

Air duct design pdf

Much lower rates of dents that occur in transit or installation. Another reason is the smoothness of a plastic pipe is better than even galvanized steel, which would then be better to reduce the turbulence mentioned in the article.

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Find a Contractor Contact Inquiry Form. When air comes out of the air handler, several things happen to it. Meet Political Club Members. Water pipes show the same phenomenon.

Well, actually, if you remember your introductory physics class, you know that's not quite true. And because it is a better insulator, there is less sound produced within the pipe than there is in typical sheet metal duct. So, if we're going to move air through ducts, we need to understand the physics of air and how we make it do our bidding. Another issue in the electrical sector is the idea of skin effect. The rougher the surface, managerial control pdf the more it slows down the air.

Air duct design pdf

The more you reduce the size of that tube or make it longer or turn the air with it, the more static pressure builds up. The smoother that inner surface is, the better it is for air flow.

It gets sent to the various rooms in the house. Even if radiant distribution systems completely take over, though, we'll still need forced air duct systems. So, I wonder if multiple, smaller pipes would lessen the pressure requirements at the blower motor? Skin Flakes in Your Air Conditioner. Events Calendar of Events.

The second factor is turbulence. Where most of the current flowing through a conductor flows at the edges of the conductor, rather than the the center. Methods of Construction c.

However, plastic pipes have been made to follow these standards. When it comes to heating and cooling homes, forced air distribution is king. Actually, we're both right, but you're more right. If you take a fan out into your yard on a calm day and turn it on, you'll get its maximum air flow.

The rule here is cfm per ton. In the power industry, High Density Poly Ethelene hdpe pipe is used. It allows a smoother transition to the air moving in a different direction.

By the time the air comes out of the supply vents, that pressure has dropped to zero relative to room pressure. Controlling the Humidity in Your Home in Winter. The physics of air flow If you take a fan out into your yard on a calm day and turn it on, you'll get its maximum air flow. Ideally, you have the manufacturer's performance data tables to help you get it right.

The first thing you need to know is that air has weight. Sure, you can insulate a sheet metal duct, but why not buy a pipe where that is not necessary? Acoustic Considerations i. That is correct for dry air, but real air does have water vapor in it. As the air moves through a duct, it interacts with the surfaces.

And the more the air flow is reduced. Air density correction factors for both higher altitudes and temperatures are included. If you take that same fan and blow the air into a cardboard tube, it has to work against the pressure that builds up in that space. That would also lower the amount of pressure the blower would have to surpass to move the air. In this series of articles, I'll take you through these things.

Air duct design pdf

You can get to the other articles in the series with the links below. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. This makes it air and water tight. So, we begin at the blower with a high pressure. That resistance results in decreases in the static pressure, or pressure drops.

Duct pressure loss increases fan power and associated operating costs. It takes work to move it upward against gravity or to push it any direction against friction.

Air duct design pdf

Materials, equipment, and construction methods must be carefully chosen to achieve the most advantageous balance between both initial and life cycle costing considerations. They do make a low smoke version for use in confined spaces like electrical vaults and substation basements. Testing, Adjusting and Balancing.

You can move weight for free if you move it horizontally and without any kind of resistance. The presentation style in this article is very easy to follow. Turn on your hose and notice that the water sprays from the sides and not the center. Since water vapor is lighter than dry air, it brings down the average density.