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The initial part is from Amanda and how she was abducted by Castro and then in diary form of events at the house. There are a ton of things that probably should've been done differently stylistically in order to make an already compelling account that much better. She isn't talked about much during the book. Lots a lot of personal blathering, I know.

And even in prison, Castro had more choice than his captives. But you can't overestimate the importance of choice and free will. It is absolutely worth the read, especially for anyone who followed their cases or cried at their rescues. Ariel Castro is one sick guy. The way he manipulated the girls was also frightening.

What she did for her daughter is truly remarkable. These girls went through hell, and hearing this story was unreal. It's proposed to read the eBook with big text.

It is suggested that never use eBook reader in full screen mode. Consistently favor to read the eBook in exactly the same length that would be similar to the printed book.

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And I'm not saying Amanda or Gina are bad or unfeeling. The book will pull at all your emotions. This book was a very emotional read.

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What happened to these women was harrowing and horrendous beyond words, and I wasn't sure I necessarily wanted to hear more about it. If they took offense to that, shouldn't they of all people understand everyone needs to heal in their own personal way? They were envious when they perceived favoritism. So disturbing, disgusting, vile.

These women did not deserve what happened to them, and they do not deserve to spend the rest of their lives being reminded of it in any way. Gina was less strong and more willing to accept her fate. These girls have an amazing survival story to tell and I appreciate that the girls, Amanda in particular, were so candid about the complex emotions they dealt with during their captivity.

Michelle's story wasn't like that, and my heart aches for her. And even though I knew how it all came to an end, I couldn't put the book down as I read the various accounts of the rescue and its aftermath. These amazing ladies showed great courage and care for each other during their ordeal.

We could have studied his brain. The decade between your teens and later twenties is a crazy busy time, and a lot of the time it sucks for most people I know. De Jesus and Berry we This is one of the most riveting books I have ever read. There present number of reasons behind it due to which the readers quit reading the eBooks at their first most effort to make use of them. It's hard to get up and just live sometimes.

You need to take appropriate breaks after specific intervals while reading. Gina, on the other hand, voices her loathing of him in a very strong and blunt manner and her defiance of not allowing him to get to her, mentally, is gratifying. De Jesus in the telling of their story. While I'm glad Ariel Castro is dead, much could have also been learned if he had lived. Like all survival stories, it gives one reason to pause and see one's own challenges in a new perspective.

Someday I hope to use my analytic sk This was an intense read, but it was always going to be. Sadness, anger, 84 vaishnav ni varta in gujarati pdf disbelief and hope. Quigley offers an objective view of the rise of Western civilization. Learn this story from the women who lived it. They didn't even recall the van situation the same way as Michelle did!

And that includes a frank discussion of Stockholm Syndrome and jealously. This book was disturbing, yet intriguing. That's what these women had to live with for ten years, and so you can live with it being relayed to you over the course of a few hours.

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There are very few people who deserve to have choice taken from them. This case steeled me and gave me drive, even in the midst of a horrible bout of depression at the time of my career change. Both in terms of major life events, and in small details. Gina said she became a cutter and then a rubber band snapper - but Michelle never talked about that in her book. Of course, luckily, not being in that situation it is hard to grasp.

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But the complete dismissal of Michelle Knight in this book and in their lives now is completely disheartening. Someday I hope to use my analytic skills on some of the cold cases mentioned in the epilogue.

This was an intense read, but it was always going to be. Being a parent is challenging in the best of circumstances. She only comes up when necessary which I feel is the only correct approach. Reading this book made me remember how heartbreaking Michelle's part of the story was.