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These processes can enable the system to attain a nearly steady-state condition. This high pressure area is formed due to strong descending air currents behind the squall line, and could come in the form of a downburst.

Changing Skies over Central North Carolina. Campers, hikers, and motorists are most at risk because of falling trees toppled over by straight-line winds. The line of storms continue to accelerate either as one large bow echo or multiple smaller bow echoes within an overall line.

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These winds are accompanied by spraying rain and frequent lightning from all directions. To put this in perspective, consider the wind damage map from above. Bow echoes most frequently occur when atmospheric winds are relatively strong and unidirectional i. Downed wires and widespread power outages are likely but not always a factor. Geophysical Research Letters.

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Warm season derechos have greater instability than their cold season counterpart, while cool season derechos have greater shear than their warm season counterpart. One interesting note is that progressive derechos are much harder to forecast because of the environment that they thrive in.

It is dangerous to drive under these conditions, especially at night, because of blowing debris and obstructed roadways. Although derechos are extremely rare west of the Great Plains, isolated derechos have occurred over interior portions of the western United States, especially during spring and early summer. These storms have a warm core, like other mesoscale convective systems. Organized areas of thunderstorm activity reinforce pre-existing frontal zones, and can outrun cold fronts. Classic derechos occur with squall lines that contain bow- or spearhead-shaped features as seen by weather radar that are known as bow echoes or spearhead echoes.

Although a derecho can produce destruction similar to the strength of tornadoes, the damage typically is directed in one direction along a relatively straight swath. Acta Meteorologica Sinica. The event is known as a derecho. However, derechos may occur at any time of the year, and can occur as frequently at night as during the day. As the thunderstorms continue to increase in coverage, even more rain-cooled air reinforces the cold pool pictured below.

Derechos in the United States most commonly occur along two axes. At this point, widespread and persistent wind damage has been occurring for a prolonged period of time. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Interior Highlands most commonly from Oklahoma and across the Ohio Valley.

The system re-intensified after leaving the Ohio Valley, starting to form a large hook, with occasional hook echoes appearing along its eastern side. Various studies since the s have shed light on the physical processes responsible for the production of widespread damaging winds by thunderstorms. This increases the longevity and strength of the entire system and is what allows the storm to travel such a large area over a short amount of time. Multiple locations were found. Merriam-Webster, Incorporated.

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. Please try another search. Since derechos occur during warm months and often in places with cold winter climates, people who are most at risk are those involved in outdoor activities. Additional climatological information on United States derechos is available here. The cap is caused by the overall sinking motion that a high pressure aloft exhibits.

They often occur along stationary fronts on the northern periphery of where the most intense heat and humidity bubble exists. The overall wind profile contains more directional shear turning winds with height which creates smaller but more bow echoes and increases the chance of brief tornadic spin-ups. With the hot, and most of the time, humid weather conditions that come with summer in the Ohio Valley the threat of a somewhat rare type of severe thunderstorm event also looms. Many times, these features are very subtle and hard to predict.

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Below is an image depicting favorable weather patterns for derecho formation. Unlike other thunderstorms, which typically can be heard in the distance when approaching, a derecho seems to strike suddenly. Primarily a mid-latitudes phenomenon, derechos do occur in the Amazon Basin of Brazil.


At this point, the convective system typically exhibits a pronounced bow shape on radar see figure below. One such derecho occurred across the Midwestern U.

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Wide swaths of forest have been felled by such storms. Boundary Waters Windstorm. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Outside North America, they sometimes are called by different names.

Powerful winds likely extended into the Atlantic Ocean. Some studies add a requirement that no more than two or three hours separate any two successive wind reports.

Although these storms most commonly occur in North America, derechos can occur elsewhere in the world, with a few areas relatively frequently. Serial derechos develop along a line more parallel to the mid level flow and therefore are a much longer line of storms, free ebook chicken soup for the soul pdf however travel shorter distance. Serial derechos are overall easier to forecast due to the nature of the large scale system that typically creates them.

In the image below the strongest winds aloft are where the pressure lines are closest together. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Winds in a derecho can be enhanced by downburst clusters embedded inside the storm. Derecho development is necessarily tied to the formation of bow echoes.