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Gownder of Forrester Consulting discuss on the cost savings and business benefits enabled by outdoor digital drive-thru menu displays. How we help your business stand out. Need Update You're using an outdated version. In order to compete with hundreds of dining and entertainment options, production part approval process manual pdf the viewing experience had to be world-class. The certification alleviates concerns about dust accumulating on displays installed on subway trains or on external platforms.

Please check and try again. Our website has just been renewed! Browse more conveniently on our mobile app. Resources are for partners only. Samsung displays met those needs and have scored with sports-loving customers at Beer Park.

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For additional inquries about the product, please contact our partner company. Please log in to download. Completely integrated, self-contained outdoor displays that are certified to withstand the elements and provide excellent visibility around the clock, in any light. High brightness displays delivering captivating visibility even through polarized sunglasses and featuring a special nano-coating to improve legibility while lowering operating temperatures.

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The product has been successfully saved. Showcase your message in indoor environments with high ambient light, such as window displays, retail storefronts and bank branches.

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As a result, businesses can feel confident that their messages will be delivered exactly as intended anywhere and at any time. Fully equipped for outdoor placements and featuring an innovative cooling system so there's no need for a supplemental heating or air conditioning unit. High Brightness Displays for Outdoor Communications. You can display your message in heat, cold, rain, snow and dust.

Leave an lnquiry Contact your nearest Samsung regional office for any questions Find a Sales rep. This product is not manufactured by Samsung, however, you will be redirected to an external website for purchasing. Feel free to let us know what you think!

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You're using an outdated version. Our software development team in Munich will make sure your idea will put into action fast and successfully. Browse more conveniently on our mobile app Close. However, product operation is not guaranteed when exposed to particular types of dust, such as metal dust. Your subscription request has been completed.

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Ready to work around the clock, Samsung outdoor displays empower you to always present a dynamic and vibrant message. Redirect Notification As of Nov.