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They emit harmful chemicals into the air and can also cause water pollution. Sulfur dioxide emitted from the combustion of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and other factory combustibles are one the major cause of air pollution. Countries around the world are tackling various forms of air pollution. The reactions of certain gases and chemicals also form harmful fumes that can be dangerous to the well being of living creatures. Manufacturing industries can be found at every corner of the earth and there is no area that has not been affected by it.

Smog created by the interactions of several primary pollutants is known to be as a secondary pollutant. Do not throw away items that are of no use to you. Volcanic eruptions can spew massive amounts of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, sometimes causing cooling that lasts for years.

We hear about the various forms of pollution and read about it through the mass media. There are two types of sources that we will take a look at Natural sources and Man-made sources.

Effects of air pollution pdf

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During the process dust and chemicals are released in the air causing massive air pollution. Soot, smoke, mold, pollen, methane, and carbon dioxide are a just few examples of common pollutants.

Air pollution facts and information

Effects of air pollution pdfEffects of air pollution pdf

Toxic chemicals present in the air can force wildlife species to move to a new place and change their habitat. The pollutants that are a direct result of the process can be called primary pollutants.

Another pollutant associated with climate change is sulfur dioxide, a component of smog. Use of insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers in agricultural activities has grown quite a lot. Sulfur dioxide and closely related chemicals are known primarily as a cause of acid rain. Another way of looking at air pollution could be any substance that holds the potential to hinder the atmosphere or the well being of the living beings surviving in it. Humans have pumped enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over the past years to raise its levels higher than they have been for hundreds of thousands of years.

On a larger scale, governments at all levels are making commitments to limit emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The long-term outlook also remains unclear, even as politicians debate air pollution standards. The Ozone layer considered crucial for the existence of the ecosystems on the planet is depleting due to increased pollution. Pollution emitting from vehicles including trucks, jeeps, cars, trains, airplanes cause an immense amount of pollution. In any home, people can safeguard against indoor air pollution by increasing ventilation, testing for radon gas, using air purifiers, running kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans, and avoiding smoking.

Governments of various countries have been providing grants to consumers who are interested in installing solar panels for their home. As the ozone layer will go thin, it will emit harmful rays back on earth and can cause skin and eye related problems. Its effects can range from higher disease risks to rising temperatures.

That's because carbon dioxide is the most common of the greenhouse gases, which trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. We are seeing a series of innovations and experiments aimed at alternate and unconventional options to reduce pollutants. This will go a long way to curb air pollution. They are known to create several respiratory and heart conditions along with Cancer, among other threats to the body.

The effects of air pollution are alarming. Encourage people to use more and more public modes of transportation to reduce pollution. And a variety of efforts aim to bring cleaner cooking options to places where hazardous cookstoves are prevalent.

Ammonia is a very common byproduct from agriculture-related activities and is one of the most hazardous gases in the atmosphere. Airborne particles, depending on their chemical makeup, can also have direct effects separate from climate change.

While looking at the man-made contributions towards air pollution, smoke again features as a prominent component. Have you ever noticed that once you paint the walls of your house, it creates some sort of smell which makes it literally impossible for you to breathe? They can change or deplete nutrients in soil and waterways, harm forests and crops, and damage cultural icons such as monuments and statues. Mining is a process wherein minerals below the earth are extracted using large equipment.

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Heat waves, extreme weather, food supply disruptions, and other effects related to increased greenhouse gases can have negative impacts on human health. While those effects emerge from long-term exposure, air pollution can also cause short-term problems such as sneezing and coughing, eye irritation, headaches, social problems pdf and dizziness. Several million are known to have died due to direct or indirect effects of Air pollution.

This is a direct attempt at slacking Global warming. We rely on them to fulfill our daily basic needs of transportation. Also, try to make use of carpooling. Household cleaning products, painting supplies emit toxic chemicals in the air and cause air pollution. Greenhouse gases are a key factor in the Earth's changing climate.

Green Building Council can help. Primarily air pollutants can be caused by primary sources or secondary sources. You can save the environment from degradation by reducing the number of fossil fuels to be burned. The green colored algae that are present on lakes and ponds is due to the presence of this chemical only. This is one of the reasons which is responsible for the deteriorating health conditions of workers and nearby residents.

Harmful gases like nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides are released into the atmosphere during the burning of fossil fuels. Another direct effect is the immediate alterations that the world is witnessing due to global warming.

Air pollution is a mix of particles and gases that can reach harmful concentrations both outside and indoors. Waste used to create landfills generate methane, that is harmful in several ways. If you and your colleagues come from the same locality and have same timings you can explore this option to save energy and money. Founded Conserve Energy Future with the sole motto of providing helpful information related to our rapidly depleting environment. Switch off fans and lights when you are going out.

Air pollution can further be classified into two sections- visible air pollution and invisible air pollution. Pollution is now a commonplace term, that our ears are attuned to. When you try to study the sources of Air pollution, you enlist a series of activities and interactions that create these pollutants.

When it rains, the water droplets combine with these air pollutants, becomes acidic and then falls on the ground in the form of acid rain. But they also reflect light when released in the atmosphere, which keeps sunlight out and creates a cooling effect. China, for example, is making strides in cleaning up smog-choked skies from years of rapid industrial expansion, partly by closing or canceling coal-fired power plants. Air pollution has been linked to higher rates of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and respiratory diseases such as asthma.

But, their overuse is killing our environment as dangerous gases are polluting the environment. Petroleum refineries also release hydrocarbons and various other chemicals that pollute the air and also cause land pollution. Air pollutants cause less-direct health effects when they contribute to climate change. In-fact reuse them for some other purpose.