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Facts are related to dimensions. It is visible to users and can be changed as per requirement. What is Round Robin partitioning? Explain about Round-Robin, Hash partitioning.

Top ETL Interview Questions And Answers

ETL Testing Interview Questions and Answers

In this testing, pictorial drawing exercises pdf a tester validates the range of data. The bugs that appear in data which comes in Regression testing are called Regression.

Please give a thought to this question. Second layer is integration layer where data is stored after transformation.

Dimensions are the groups or categories through which the summarized data are sorted. What is Hash partitioning? The information passes through the same number given to it as input. Normalization involves decomposing a table into less redundant and smaller tables but without losing information.

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ETL interview questions and answers

Top ETL Interview Questions And Answers

How many types of transformations supported by sorted input? Suppose a Student column has two columns, Name and Marks. What is a stored procedure? Data purging is a process of deleting data from a data warehouse.

To add another column in the table following command has been used. Data staging is an area where you hold the data temporary on data warehouse server. With which apps can Power Center be connected?

Yes, a table can have many foreign keys and only one primary key. We can define a start and increment value of the identity column. Query optimization is a process in which a database system compares different query strategies and select the query with the least cost.

Lookup transformation allows you to access data from relational tables which are not defined in mapping documents. It is also called as Candidate key. This training was very informative and helped a lot in understanding Hadoop. This offer is valid on selected courses only.

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It is used for Analytical Reporting, information and forecasting. Some Tricky Question Answers. What is the difference between power center and power mart? The output of Cross Join is called as a Cartesian product. Snapshots are the copies of read only data that is stored in the master table.

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Many companies invest a lot of time and money in the process of analyzing and sorting out this vital information. In case of Intersect, the number of columns and datatype must be same. When no primary key is defined, then duplicate values may appear. Delete is used to delete a row or rows from a table based on the specified condition. Data mining involves extracting hidden information from data and interpret it for future predictions.

Thank you for sharing nice information. They are used to enforce domain integrity. So, the data mines do some kind of summarization of the data and can be used by data warehouses for faster analytical processing for business intelligence. Data warehousing is the process of aggregating data from multiple sources into one common repository.

We have taken full care to give correct answers for all the questions. It is essentially an intersection of dimensions.

It also involves checking functionality of data in target system. Transformation stands for applying the conversion rules on data so that it becomes suitable for analytical reporting. It is an important concept in Data Warehousing systems. It is used when the number of rows in process in each of the partitions is nearly the same.

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