Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Schematic Pdf

Check out the schematic for the original, it's relatively simple, if you're interested. Any techs come across this before and fixed it?

Fender hot rod deluxe schematic pdf

Hot Rod Deluxe Power Tube and bias problem. Advice needed

Fender hot rod deluxe schematic pdf

But that should work fine I think. Previous topic Next topic. The red labels are for a cleaner sound, blue for driven sound earlier breakup. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Wally, what is your favorite power tube for these amps and what do you like to bias them to? Nothing lights up in this socket! No, create an account now.

It seems that Fender doesn't release new schematics when there is a board revision. Hot Rod Deluxe Power Tube and bias problem. Hi Zoltan Varga, costanzo physiology 4th pdf You probably won't find a schematic of the new circuit.

As you've swapped tubes but the problem didn't move it's the socket. If you are not versed in the insides of one, it's tech time. Thank you Dacious and Wally. Resoldered them from inside with tubes out it fixed the problem.

However, the drive sound is still too flabby, and that could be fixed with changes to the circuitry. What is this resistor on the board? Have you thought about trying different tubes to improve the drive channel? Half of that tube is only used for the drive channel.

It would work for a while then just cut out, with heaters not working. Could not dial the bias any higher for some reason. Rockman and peteb like this. Heated up the pin real good and added a drop of solder.

The bias circuit would need a resistor change if you wanted to dial it up hotter. Switching channels works fine.

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One of your tubes the heater is not working. Sounds like others with this amp have experienced the no heat glow of one of the power tubes. Sounds a bit better I think. The clean is stellar and I love it. These tubes must be hotter as I could adjust the bias current higher.

Is the socket bad or something else like a resistor? Value of those resistors is spot on. Also trying a different pair of power tubes would likely yield a different range from the pot. It could be a bad board trace or ribbon cable.

In fact I played around with tubes quite a bit. Also the factory bias might be on the cold side for you, which means cleaner sound flabby drive. For the Drive channels to become nicer i.

Yes, continued operation will not be good for the remaining tube.

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