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Ask students to check their work with a partner. Distribute lengths of string to each student. Ask students to create the rough outline of France on their desks.

Yosemite Valley is an example of a U-shaped glacial valley, while the Appalachian River Valley is an example of a V-shaped river valley. They can be formed by erosion but most often occur as the result of volcanic activity.

She will also use this homework to evaluate the need to re-teach or clarify specific points in future lessons. The Panama Canal was built to travel across this famous isthmus.

Geography - Vocabulary-English

Ask students to individually cut geographical features of France and to place them on their maps. The dates shown in calendars below may change as we roll, depending on our class timing. There will be a quiz after part one as well as a test after we have completed the entire unit. The Rubric for this is below. It gradually slopes into the ocean and ends in a sudden steep slope in very deep water.

Then, write each on the blank line next to its correct definition. The more we understand these landform vocabulary words, the easier it is to understand the world around us.

Pass out France outline handout and Ziploc bags. It is the branch of science dedicated to the study of the Earth's physical features, such as oceans, mountains, and continents. Geography also includes the study of the people of the Earth and how they interact with it. The following free geography printables and activity pages relate to the branch of geography studying the physical features of the Earth. Formative - The teacher will observe the students as they are working individually and in pairs to complete maps.

This study includes cultures, population, and land use. Copper Canyon in Mexico is actually made up of six canyons and is at least four times larger than the Grand Canyon. From deserts to glaciers, canyons to continents, islands to swamps, you can learn a lot from your local landforms.

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This unit has been divided into two parts. First year French students have already learned some classroom commands and vocabulary relating to greetings, colors, numbers, weather, and classroom objects.

Distribute geography handout and scissors to each student. We begin to explain how the physical processes of the earth effect everyday life. Students can find each word from the word bank in the puzzle among the jumbled letters. The English Channel is an example of this landform.

List and define a variety of geographical terms and draw a picture representing each Draw and color flags from countries around the world Make a meal from a different culture. Mountains are higher than hills.

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Everything we learn in this unit is based on chapter one in the textbook, however, we have activities included in our packet that are outside of the textbook. She will also observe students as they are placing magnetized names and features on projected map on board.

The San Andreas Fault is one fault line which runs along the length of western and central California. Use the printables to introduce your students to geography. This geography crossword provides another interesting review opportunity. The Nile River delta and Mississippi River delta are two examples.

Color this isthmus page and add it to your illustrated dictionary. We will learn about current and ancient civilizations in Mexico, Central American and the Caribbean Islands and South America though maps, sharing, activities, charts and graphs, videos, database administration fundamentals pdf and reading.

The Straits of Gibraltar are a famous example of this landform. Color the strait coloring page and add it to your illustrated geography dictionary. In this activity, your students will review the geographical terms they defined by completing a fun word search. We will also practice locating some political and physical geographical features of France. Canyons are usually created by water erosion as a river moves between the.

Geography - Vocabulary

The Mediterranean Coast and the Pacific Coast are examples of famous coastlines. This will include current events research and sharing, deepening ideas around sustainability, artistic map making, and so much more fun! Florida in the United States and most of Italy are considered examples of peninsulas. The Great Barrier Reef on the eastern coast of Australia is perhaps the best known reef in the world. Click here to read about Mrs.

There is also a small group Google Slides project with this unit. Below are our class calendars for download. In this activity, students will alphabetize the geographical terms.

Geo refers to earth and graph refers to writing or describing. Since all continents have land accessible to water, there are coastlines all around the world, but usually the most popular are the tourist destinations. River valleys are V-shaped, while glacial valleys have a U shape. Peninsulas are surrounded by water on three sides.

Geography comes from the combination of two Greek words. Color the archipelago and add it to your illustrated geography dictionary. Students will also continue to practice geography vocabulary and explore the geography of France through a group project based on a specific region of France. If your students don't remember some of the definitions review them using the vocabulary sheets. Students have had limited exposure to the vocabulary words and geography of France prior to this lesson.

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Valleys are usually categorized as river valleys or glacial valleys. This chapter will stress knowledge and skills that will be used in later units. Helens in the United States.

Demonstrate how to tie the ends together to form a circle. Ask students to place cut-apart names and features in bags to take home. Project transparency of France outline directly onto chalkboard. In this unit we will study Latin America, its land and history.

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