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What do you need to know about. For some materials it is necessary to smooth the stress-strain curve in which case a polynomial regression is recommended. Some of the test results can be determined with a lower uncertainty than others, e. Factors that affect the precision of mechanical tests. The original cross-sectional area, So, of a test piece consisting of a longitudinal sample shall be calculated according to Equation E.

As-cast test pieces shall incorporate a transition radius between the gripped ends and the parallel length. The force-extension curve shall be examined. The gripped ends may be of any shape to suit the grips of the testing machine. The test piece is usually obtained by machining a sample from the product or a pressed blank or casting.

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Then the influence on the result on the one sigma level has to be determined. The uncertainty results from the scatter of the data obtained from different tests, different machines, or different labs taken from an ideal homogeneous material.

This means that the values for Ag and Awn for these materials will be nearly equal. Additionally, the determination of the slope of the elastic part of the stress-percentage extension curve mE could influence the result of Rp if the curve in this range is not an ideal straight line.

The cross-section of the test pieces may be circular, square, rectangular, annular or, in special cases, some other uniform cross-section. For thin sheet test pieces the uncertainty of measurement of the thickness of the test piece may be large. Other types of test pieces can be specified in product standards. It is thus known as a combined uncertainty.

For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document including any amendments applies. Test pieces of circular cross-section should preferably have one set of dimensions given in Table D. The original cross-sectional area, So, in square millimetres, may be determined from the mass of a known length and its density using Equation C. Other test pieces such as those specified in relevant product standards or national standards may be used by agreement with the customer, illustrated guide to the national electrical code 5th edition pdf e.

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If necessary, separate agreements can be made between the parties concerned. Towards a tensile reference material. The combined uncertainty for Z, uZ, expressed as a percentage, is given by Equation J.

Prior to the test a very small mark should be made close to each end of the parallel length. Supply Chain Security Standards. In order to render the fine scratches more easily visible, a suitable dye film may be applied to the test piece before testing. This value can closely agree with the value of the modulus of elasticity if optimal conditions high resolution, double sided, averaging extensometers, perfect alignment of the test piece, etc. For reduction of area, Z, the measurement uncertainties of crosssectional area both before and after fracture need to be considered.

With many gripping solutions available, a Instron has a suitable gripping mechanism m for almost all a material typ pes. Materials metrology and standards for structural performance, pp.

In cases of dispute, the value, Do, shall be used, if there is sufficient material. By agreement, the test piece may also consist of a strip with parallel sides parallel sided test piece.

Uncertainty contributions due to factors such as drift of the equipment since its calibration and its use in different environmental conditions should also be taken into account. It is important that you own an officia al and current copy of the sttandard to enssure youre in compliance w with this standa ard. For non-proportional test pieces, the original gauge length, Lo, is independent of the original cross-sectional area, So.

These test pieces are predominantly prepared from sheet or strip. Each small bundle of strips should then be assembled with a thicker strip on each side, before machining to the final dimensions of the test piece. Matterials Testting Machiines dard. In particular it provides the recommendations that should be taken into account in the software and testing conditions.

One of the recommended methods is as follows. If the estimation of u y involves multiplication of other quantities, then it is often easier to work with relative terms calculated as percentages for component values and uncertainty. The dimensions of this transition radius are important and it is recommended that they be defined in the product standard. The smoothing range may have an influence on the result.

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In the unlikely event that a problem relating to it is found, please inform the Central Secretariat at the address given below. However, products of uniform cross-section sections, bars, wires, etc. Harmonisation of testing practice for high temperature materials, pp. The ere are four sp peed ranges in n total, with mmendations as to which sh hould be used d at each pointt recom of the e test. If the influence is known, it can be taken into account in the calculation of the uncertainty as shown in Clause J.

Social Responsibility, published in. This should ensure that the extensometer detects all yielding events that occur in the test piece.

The measurement uncertainty presented here does not describe the scatter resulting from the inhomogeneity of the material, e. If such outputs are not provided, the machine manufacturer should give raw digital data with information on how these raw digital data have been obtained and treated by the software. The choice of ReH in Equation A.

The tolerance given in Table B. This can be done using the following approach. At the end of this yieldingg region with tthe onset of strain n hardening th he machine th hen moves to a final rate that it maintains u until the conclu usion of the te est. This is the standard uncertainty. Measurement Good Practice Guide, No.

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Draft International Standards adopted by the technical committees are circulated to the member bodies for voting. Aspects of modulus measurement.

In any case, it should be recommended that pertinent limits for the range can be selected by the user in order to eliminate unrepresentative values of the slope of the curve in the elastic range. The parallel length, Lc, shall always be greater than the original gauge length, Lo. For test pieces where the width is the same as that of the product, the original cross-sectional area, So, shall be calculated on the basis of the measured dimensions of the test piece. Materials which exhibit high workhardening should, generally, be prepared by milling, grinding etc. Ahmad Jukliv Pandu Yoedhawan.

New Consideration on the uncertainty evaluation with measured values of steel sheet in tensile testing. For ui the distribution function of the specific parameter normal, rectangular, etc.

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