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Outboard Care To keep your outboard in the best operating condition, it is important that. Was a great help with the trouble I was having on my Mercury.

Re-check valve clearance using Valve Clearance Measurement Steps. Secure propeller nut to the shaft with cotter pin. The picture is of the actual item you will receive. Mark Channels Read Calendar. The only discrepancies with this book is the fact that the pictures are of various engines during the same jobs i.

Mercury Outboards Parts ManualMercury Outboard Manual

Measure intake and exhaust valve clearance using the Valve Clearance Measurement Steps below. Record maintenance performed in Maintenance Log at the back of this. An anode helps protect the outboard against galvanic corrosion by sacrificing its metal to be slowly corroded instead of the outboard metals. Install the vent plug and sealing washer before removing the lubricant tube. Spirock Bay Area California.

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Save yourself some grief, and go ahead and pick up a manual for your boat before the need for it arises. So far, I have not discovered any inaccuracies. Install tensioner spring and tighten timing belt tensioner bolt.

On the other hand, you could buy a replacement from the vast inventory on eBay. Select a proper replacement valve pad by calculating its thickness with the following formula. Maintenance, replacement, or repair of. Place a block of wood between gearcase and propeller to prevent rotation and tighten propeller nut. Pictures and schematics of all parts was super helpful.

Seloc's Mercury outboard tune-up and repair manual Seloc Publications marine manuals. All new outboards manufactured by Mercury Marine are certified to the.

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As the throttle is opened, the throttle lever rotates and pushes the throttle lever link rod. This is an excellent resource!

Tighten timing belt tensioner and install tensioner spring. Install spark plug cover and flywheel cover. Install driven sprockets and timing belt.

All you need to know is what model of Mercury or Mariner outboard you own, as well as the year it was made. Used it to rebuild the carburetor and fuel pump on my outboard. All manuals are written so that a do-it-yourself mechanic can troubleshoot his or her own boat, book of the righteous pdf but they provide the exact same guidance that professional mechanics use. This manual explained the steps to take for my repairs in terms I could understand.

You can even find books that date back several decades. Save all maintenance work orders and receipts. Never go without one of these!

There is a world of knowledge in these manuals. The anode requires periodic inspection especially in salt water which will accelerate the erosion.

United States Environmental Protection Agency, as conforming to the. Two electrothermal valves are installed on the carburetor assembly. For this reason, the factory procedure for servicing. Unlock the rear latch by pushing lever down.

There's a problem loading this menu right now. The wire diagrams are very good.

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Very comprehensive, well written and reasonably well illustrated. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. After start-up, the current supplied form the electric power source and then flows to the electrothermal valves causing the wax in the valves to heat up. Adjust tab if out of specification. As a D-I-Y this book proved to be a big money saver.

This carburetor assembly uses an accelerator pump to ensure that the proper amount of fuel reaches all of the carburetors during rapid throttle openings preventing temporary lean conditions. Place lubricant tube into the fill hole and add lubricant until it appears at the vent hole. The in-line, one-way valve prevents the air in the hoses from flowing back to the dashpot.

Perfect for anyone that does their own repairs. This carburetor assembly uses the PrimeStart system for precise fuel delivery during start-up, at all temperatures. Anybody else having this problem?

Here is the link to the free online Mercury Manuals. After a few minutes, the electrothermal ram needle is fully extended, the fuel enrichment valve is fully closed, and enrichment ceases. Lift rear of cowl and disengage front hook. Keep individual cylinder parts together.

If contaminated oil is noticed, have the engine checked by your dealer. This manual is digitally enhanced to give you the very best manual online. Looks like you will be heading to a professional.

Very good information about the old Mercury. This guide has a lot of useful information on numerous mercury engines.

As the wax heats up the electrothermal ram needle begins to extend, partially closing the fuel enrichment valve, and reducing the flow of fuel from the float chamber into the venturi. If you click on any of these headings it should open up a new page for that topic. With carburetor turned upside down, and carb scale seated on inner edge, check float level from top of float to float bowl flange as shown. This certification is contingent on certain adjustments set. Re-install driven sprockets and timing belt.

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