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The second wire is wrapped around over the sheath and that too in turn encased by insulator sheath. This makes it more indifferent to noise and crosstalk. Coaxial cable has a fairly high degree of immunity to noise, and can be used over longer distances up to metres than twisted pair cable. The basic construction of an optical fibre. This all is covered by plastic cover.

It is similar to unshielded twisted pair cable except that each pair is individually foil shielded, and the cable has a braided drain wire that is earthed at one end during installation. It covers large area when compared with Baseband Coaxial Cable. Characteristics of Routers. The receiver on the other end de-modulates and interprets the data. Thicknet was the original transmission medium used in Ethernet networks, and supported up to nodes per network segment.

The receiver uses the difference between the two. Attenuation is flatter than in the case of twisted-pair cable and coaxial cable. The core wire lies in the center and it is made of solid conductor. Current technology supports two modes Multimode and Single mode for propagating light along optical channels, each requiring fibre with different physical characteristics.

Types of Transmission Media

It is used for telephonic applications. In these cases, data backup is stored onto magnetic tapes or magnetic discs, and then shifted physically at remote places. It is faster the unshielded and coaxial cable. Shielded twisted pair cable.

Bounded/Guided Transmission Media in Computer Networks

The outermost part is the plastic cover which protects the whole cable. It is more expensive than coaxial and unshielded twisted pair. Coaxial cables provide high bandwidth rates of up to mbps. It refers to the data carrying capacity of a channel or medium. It is the most common type of telecommunication when compared with Shielded Twisted Pair Cable which consists of two conductors usually copper, each with its own colour plastic insulator.

Fiber Optic works on the properties of light. Fiber Optic provides the highest mode of speed. Popular bound transmission media in use are twisted pair cable, co-axial cable and fiber optical cable.

To connect and access fiber optic special type of connectors are used. The wrapped structure provides it a good shield against noise and cross talk. Light travels in a straight line as long as it is mobbing through a single uniform substance.

Coaxial cable

Optical fibres use reflection to guide light through a channel. The twists between wires are helpful in reducing noise electro-magnetic interference and crosstalk. Multimode is so named because multiple beams from a light source move through the core in different paths. This cable has a metal foil or braided-mesh covering which encases each pair of insulated conductors.

Twisted Pair Cable

Single mode uses step-index fibre and a highly focused source of light that limits beams to a small range of angles, all close to the horizontal. The single-mode fibre itself is manufactured with a much smaller diameter than that of multimode fibre, and with substantially lower density.

Mobile Broadband What is the Network Layer? The main categories of transmission media used in data communications networks are listed below please note that wireless transmission media will be dealt with elsewhere. The transmission media is nothing but the physical media over which communication takes place in computer networks. It is used for transmission of large volumes of data. This transmission uses Microwave, Radio wave, pelan integriti nasional pdf Infra red are some of popular unbound transmission media.

Each of them has its own characteristics like transmission speed, effect of noise, physical appearance, cost etc. Media can be generally classified as guided e. The data transmission capabilities of various Medias vary differently depending upon the various factors.

Coaxial cable has two wires of copper. What is the difference between Wi-Fi vs.

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From one end of it light is emitted, it travels through it and at the other end light detector detects light stream and converts it to electric data. It comes in two modes, one is single mode fiber and second is multimode fiber. Single mode fiber can carry a single ray of light whereas multimode is capable of carrying multiple beams of light. Light transmission in an optical fibre. We can measure the performance of a coaxial cable in same way as that of Twisted Pair Cables.

What is Congestion Control? Identification is the reason behind coloured plastic insulation. What is Fiber Optics Optical Fiber? This is called total internal reflection. Nowadays wireless communication is becoming popular.

The amount of energy lost depends on frequency. The bandwidth of twisted pair cable depends on the diameter of wire used, and the length of the transmission line. Twisted pair copper cable Coaxial copper cable Optical fibre.

These are majorly used for mobile phone communication and television distribution. It is used in fast-data-rate Ethernet and in voice and data channels of telephone lines. Mail Me At Computer Notes. The wires are twisted together in a helical form to reduce electrical interference from similar pair. Optical fibres are thin, solid strands of glass that transmit information as pulses of light.