Obiee 11g Answers And Dashboards Pdf

You can also store objects in shared folders where other users or groups can access the objects. With Siebel Analytics Server, all the rules needed for security, data modeling, aggregate navigation, caching, and connectivity is stored in metadata repositories. Dimension tables contain descriptions about data analysts which is used as query in the database. Metadata represents the analytical Model which is created using the siebel Analytics Administration tool. Examples Monthly Total Sales or Quarterly Sales To create a level based measure, create a new logical column based on the original measure.

What is write-back in obiee? Build dashboard or use answers for reporting. Build dashboards and reports.

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The following is a list of the main reasons to create an alias table. Where are passwords for userid? Log centralization via the web log viewer. How we can have two different columns from two different tables or subject areas?

Repository variables can be used instead of literals or constants in Expression Builder in the Administration Tool. Explain the end to end life cycle of Siebel Analytics? Using aggregate tables is a very popular technique for speeding up query response times in decision support systems. Remember Me Forgot Password. How many types of authentication.

Where we can add new groups and set permissions? Explain Oracle Business Intelligence Applications? We can have many connection pools for each group to avoid waiting.

Obiee 11g answers and dashboards pdf

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Where and how will you create it? Passwords for userid are in siebel analytics server repository.

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Have you worked in dashboard? We have to make a dubbed table in the physical layer. This training was very informative and helped a lot in understanding Hadoop. How will effect the changes for a report, if for certain users only the column heading in the report should be changed?

Obiee 11g answers and dashboards pdfObiee 11g answers and dashboards pdfObiee 11g answers and dashboards pdf

How we can split a table in the rpd given the condition. Init blocks are used for instantiating a session when a user logs in.

This offer is valid on selected courses only. By this we can create report from two subject areas. It contains material about the connection to the database, not the database itself. Oracle Business Intelligence is now more integrate with the Oracle Fusion Middleware software family. What is Level Based Metrics?

Each instance of a session variable could be initialized to a different value. An alias table can be a reference to any of these logical table source types. What is the full form of rpd?

What do you know about Initialization Blocks? Unlike dynamic repository variables, however, the initialization of session variables is not scheduled. Repository is divided into three layer.

You all do a fantastic job! John Chioles Good Experience. What is aggregate navigation?

In addition, Oracle Business Intelligence is now deployed in a clustered configuration by default. Ibot is an arrangement agent, used to arrange reports to be sent across many devices such as email, pager, mobile, other devices etc. Authentication is the procedure by which a system confirms, through the use of a user Operaing system authentication. In the catalog Manager click Tools-Create Report. Define repository in terms of Siebel Analytics.

Level-base metrics means, having a measure held at a certain level of the dimension. If no than what is the option?

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How we can Port changes for dashboards, reports, 70-647 pdf free rpd from development to production? How will you create Interactive Dashboards?