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Olympus EVOLT E-510 Instruction Manual

Pressing the S erase button erases the picture immediately. The available print modes are as shown below. The file name is also included with the date and time information. Releasing the shutter button displays the shutter speed and aperture value on the control panel screen.

This is useful when you want to quickly search a number of pictures to find a particular image. Select the most suitable mode for the shooting conditions. Use i to select the date and time format. This is useful if you want to compare images you recorded using bracketing. Set the shutter speed depending on the type of effect you want.

Page Disconnecting The Camera From Your Computer Disconnecting the camera from your computer Make sure that the card access lamp has Card access lamp stopped blinking. When cleaning the image pickup device yourself, be sure to follow the instructions below.

An exclamation mark enclosed in a triangle alerts you to important operating and maintenance instructions in the documentation provided with the product. Whether or not vignetting occurs also depends on lens type and shooting conditions such as distance to the subject. Page How To Set The Functions How to set the functions How to make function settings There are three basic ways to make function settings with this camera.

Olympus E-510 DSLR User s Manual Guide (Owners Instruction)

Normal indication be recognized. Page Slideshow Slideshow This function displays images stored on the card one after another. To capture the subtle difference in color, try changing the white balance setting. Press d to move to the next setting, then use ac to enter the second character. Refers to raw data, data which has not been enhanced with a camera option like white balance, sharpness, contrast, etc.

Page Glossary Glossary A Aperture Priority Mode You set the aperture yourself and the camera automatically varies the shutter speed so that the picture is taken with the correct exposure. Use this mode for general use. This menu can be selected if both cards are inserted.

Download Olympus E PDF Manual User Guide

Download Olympus E PDF Manual User Guide

Download Olympus E PDF User Manual Guide

Page Pixels A pixel is the smallest unit dot used to make up an image. Page Setting Functions Using Direct Buttons Functions on the control panel screen The functions that can be set on the basic display and detailed display vary.

Or if you do not operate the control dial within a few seconds, your setting will be confirmed and the previous screen will be restored. For instance, when daylight or tungsten lighting is reflected on white paper, the shade of white produced will be slightly different for each.

Do not use any other type of battery. If the camera is very dirty, soak the cloth in mild soapy water and wring well. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Olympus EVOLT E-510 Instruction Manual

If you take a picture as is, the composition may be off. Selecting the print mode Select the type of printing print mode. Types of tabs Sets shooting functions. Page All-frame Reservation Press the i button when you have finished. You can check how much it differs from the appropriate exposure by using the exposure level indicator.


Key Features of Olympus E-510 Four Thirds DSLR

Page Information When discarding, destroy the card to prevent leakage of personal information. Page Erasing Selected Frames Erasing selected frames This function lets you erase selected images at one time during single-frame playback or index display. Use p to move the frame and press the i button. The selected pictures can be printed later single-frame reservation or the picture you are displaying can be printed right away.

For the latest information, please visit the Olympus website. Olympus digital camera instruction manual pages. When you connect your Olympus digital camera for the first time, diksiyon 1 pdf iPhoto will start up automatically. Double-click the still picture thumbnail that you want to view.

Using a tripod Because a slow shutter speed is needed to capture night scenes, a tripod is required to prevent camera shake. Be sure to set the correct date and time before using the camera. Page Rename File Rename file You can rename image files to make them easier to identify and organize. Clear large-sized printed images require millions of pixels.

Insert the card that contains the recorded pictures into the camera. Page Viewfinder Monitor indication Possible cause Corrective action indications The card cover is Close the card cover. Press the i button when you have finished. Page Taking Flower Pictures Using white balance The color of water in pictures appears different depending on whether it is a lake reflecting nearby trees or a seashore surrounded by a coral reef.

Olympus E-510 DSLR User s Manual Guide (Owners Instruction)

Luminance information can also be displayed with histogram and highlight graphs. The image pickup device is a precision device and is easily damaged.

Press the q playback button Single- Control dial frame playback. Using the self-timer This function lets you take pictures using the self-timer.

Do not use any other chargers. The camera sets the appropriate shooting conditions automatically. Page Compelling regulations by law remain unaffected by this.