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How would you relate to others differently? This book is written so well!

In fact, I'm going to give my copy away to a likely prospect in the hopes of helping them see the light and spread the eternal good news. The opinions I have expressed are my own. This book was supposed to help me achieve these things to live life more fully, I guess. The book is written from a Christian worldview but in the practical, relevant, accepting and interesting style that is Shook's trademark at Fellowship of the Woodlands. Seriously, there hasn't been a better book that's helped me focus my time, energy, and emotions where it really matters.

One Month to Live by Kerry Shook & Chris Shook - WaterBrook & Multnomah

One Month to Love is a wonderfully written, easy to read book. Wouldn't it be incredibly frustrating if you were playing ping-pong, and every time you served, your opponent let the ball drop off the table and never hit back? The link that you have clicked will take you away from the RightNowMedia. The authors incorporate relevant anecdotes, questions that make a person think about their life, and strong Christian ideals in their writing style.

Work as Worship RightNow Conferences. Once a day you read a short, to the point, chapter and at the end of the chapter there are a few questions for you to journal and answer or put into action.

One Month to Live Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life

The quotes also lined up with their everyday topics. Some Kind of Crazy Terry Wardle. Overall it wasn't bad, the writing wasn't great or anything but it wasn't about that it's the kind of book that's about the message as oppose to the technique of it. If you're looking for an easy, self-help type devotional to read each night before bed, this is great. And, as the authors pointed out in the final chapter, that's the beauty of living, really living, a Christian life - you shou I'm being generous giving this four stars.

One Month To Live - Kerry Shook Ministries

Jesus is the perfect example of how to live our lives, and yet, He died a tragic death betrayed by all those he came to save, and all those he loved. However, it was a good inspirational book. Some of the stuff is straight-forward and it does remind us of things we may have forgotten along the way. Usually I am somewhat disappointed in the way Christian books cram scripture anywhere they can, but these short and sweet thoughts were so pleasant to come across. The advice alternates between preachy and obvious.

The ones that run through my head when I worry I'm not amounting up to everything I dreamt I would be. Because the book didn't go as deep as I would have like. Quit my job, travel the world, and eat ice cream made the list. You can update your billing information here.

My whole church participated in this study we did it leading up to Easter, but you could do it anytime. Generally I wouldn't recommend the book.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It was slightly too religious for my best friend, which didn't bother me, but it is something to take into consideration if you're not looking for a guide filled with biblical references. When are we going to wake up and realize this is life?

One Month to Live Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life by Kerry Shook

Which makes sense, the author is a christian minister. Individuals will examine how they can live passionately, love completely, learn humbly, and leave boldly to create a legacy that endures for generations after they're gone. The short and inspirational read was the treasured moment I longed for at the end of every day.

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The premise is, what would you do if you only had thirty days to live? But within those sections, each chapte I'm getting tired of Christian books that barely mention the Bible. Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube. The authors gives amazing advice, and relevant short stories.

One Month to Live impacted me in a emotional and logical way because it made me dig deep into my life, which made me realize how I can improve certain areas in my life even as a teenager. One Month to Live is a great way to discover the purposeful, joyful, abundant life God created you to enjoy! They also wrote the book One Month to Live, I wrote the book review for that one, also. The title is self explanatory, but the premise of the books focuses on four principles Live passionately, love completely, learn, humbly, arsenic pdf and love boldly.

Everyday they give you quotes about relationships, and I personally enjoyed them. The journal writing was specific, which suits me because I am not one to open up and just pour out my heart on paper. This is one of those books that you need to take your time on and reflect, no just gobble it up, so the two week check out at the library was not the way to go. There are questions to make you think deeper and action steps to help you make it a life style. Lessons from Jude Kerry Shook.

Take the Days to Live Challenge! In the box below, please add the email addresses for people from your small group, your spouse, and your friends from church. It says that it's not just for romantic relationships, but I can't say that it added anything new to my relationships in general.

The anecdotes and stories seemed contrived and fake, and did not bring any substance to the book whatsoever. It definitely changed my life, still far from perfection, but certainly better for having both read and then put into practice the concepts of fulfilled and happy living. That actually was a A good devotional study book that I would recommend completeling in some form of a small group.

They even have questions at the end of each day for you focus on what you learned that day, and how you can journal about it. These are so seamlessly presented in a way that feels completely applicable and personally touching, and not at all in a preachy manner. Guess I'm supposed to fill my life with something else that will give me the same high as those things. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

One Month to Live by Kerry Shook & Chris Shook - WaterBrook & Multnomah

Learn more about different user roles. Unfortunately I found the majority of the book tedious, shallow and boring. You would need to read one a week to really make a difference in your life. This book gets down to a deep level making a reader evaluate one's relationship and life with the goal of helping the reader create a more meaningful life. That approach is guaranteed to leave you with regrets.

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