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Stoichiometry and the Mole. This feature makes it clear to students that chemistry is, indeed, everywhere, and it will promote student retention in what is sometimes considered an intimidating course. Find interactive solution manuals to the most popular college math, physics, science, and engineering textbooks. At times, html tags show up. Pictures and figures are in one page and the explanation stands in the next page.

Similarly, a glossary would be useful. It's perfectly acceptable and more accurate when introducing the octet rule to say instead that the reasons behind it aren't going to be explained at that time. This argument is illustrated by comparing the hazards of household cleaners with the fact that many food contain acids. The organization of the topics is similar to many other textbooks.

Other than the several typos throughout the text, the chemistry described throughout is tried, true, and accurate. Just like many of the one-semester chemistry books you may be used to, each section in David Ball's starts with one or more Learning Objectives, yahweh and the gods and goddesses of canaan pdf which list the main points of the section.

Instructor Manual The Instructor Manual in Word format will help guide you through the main concepts of each chapter such as learning objectives, key terms and takeaways. Some equations get blurry when size increases. Also, students are not even introduced to molecular polarity and dipole moments. The text has clear explanations written in simple terms.

Pages may include limited notes and highlighting. Ask our experts any homework question.

It will be better to include those hydrogens, since alkane is saturated hydrocarbons, not just carbon chains. It may also be more conducive to student learning to introduce chemical bonding and states of matter early in the text.

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This is a text for introductory chemistry, but even so, no explanation is even attempted, however rudimentary, for some concepts. Free download Physical Chemistry by David W. David took the time to treat mathematical problems in Introductory Chemistry one of two ways, either as a conversion-factor problem or as a formula problem. Ball writes in a clear, straightforward style, and he does a good job of defining vocabulary as it comes up.

Also appendixes are missing and the last page periodic table, is cut to two pages. These corrections are noted on the list to be supplied separately. You could also click on the mention of a figure in the text and you would be taken to that figure. Pages and cover are clean and intact.

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In addition, the representations of isotopes, with superscripted mass numbers and subscripted atomic numbers, often appear extremely fuzzy. Create a Want BookSleuth Can't remember the title or the author of a book? There's a good reason for this - it's an important topic! In most of the text book topics are presenting in reasonable order. Some of the other reviewers may be more expert in this area and therefore better able to address this.

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The book has been edited for grammar and spelling. In the column of substituent formula, there should be a hypen after the alkyl group.

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This feature takes a topic of the chapter and demonstrates how this topic shows up in everyday life. It would also be possible to only cover portions of a chapter, or to cover chapters out of order. Each chapter include learning objective, key takeaway, examples and exercises with answers. At least, three objectives should be included per chapter or section. Learning objectives should be quantifiable.

In most cases, these topics are covered in appropriate depth. However, buffers are only treated qualitatively. So, order a desk copy or dive in now to see for yourself.

Elements of Physical Chemistry Solutions Manual. Atkins Physical Chemistry Solutions Manual. How is Chegg Study better than a printed Physical Chemistry student solution manual from the bookstore?

Ball Cleveland State University Dr. Hit a particularly tricky question? The text contains fewer figures, diagrams, photos, etc. Though the overall organization of the text may be less than desirable for some instructors, the fragmented organization can be easily pieced together through a more modular teaching approach. The chapters are reasonably stand alone and tend to reference concepts which can be learned about from other sources i.

This layout differs from many textbooks, in which several pages of practice exercises are typically given at the very end of the chapter rather than at the end of each section. No new ground is broken in this respect. Perhaps my unease is because I have never taught a course that depends upon a text in which new material is so rapidly followed by test-yourself questions. Please contact me if you would like more details.

Whether definitions are created afresh or merely copied from the text, a glossary should be added. The textbook appears to be well suited for being broken up into small reading sections and for the order of sections or chapters to be re-arranged. It's very important to always use state symbols once they have been introduced.

Introductory Chemistry

Many also include explanations and answers to chapter exercises. Conventionally, delta symbols or arr. Plus, we regularly update and improve textbook solutions based on student ratings and feedback, so you can be sure you're getting the latest information available. You can either cut and paste sections or use the presentation as a whole.

Key takeaways should include key concepts from the chapter, along with definitions. Discussion of imperial units ounces, feet, Fahrenheit etc. Common ionic charges could have been related to the group number in the periodic table rather than referring students to a later chapter and telling them to memorize these charges. Test Generator Prefer printable tests? On the surface this text appears to be ideal for modularity.

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Regardless of the cultural context, this is a leading concern for our students and society, it is important that students make the connection between chemistry and the environment. Published by Florence, Kentucky, U.