Role Of Political Parties In Pakistan Pdf

Building a political party around individual persons or family does not augur well for the thriving of democracy. They educate and mobilize their people in this specific way of conflict and play the Sindh card.

Role of political parties in pakistan pdf

However, it currently holds the fourth highest number of seats in the National Assembly while maintaining its second position in the Sindh Assembly. This alliance proved longer lasting, surviving until when it collapsed due to differences over the Kalabagh Dam and the renaming of the province Pakhtunkhwa. These problems decrease the popularity of political parties and reduce the trust of the leaders among the people. These feudal lords often use this support from the top parties to maintain their political power and influence.

The Party emerged as country's second most popular party in elections. Democratization Democratization is an important phenomenon of globalization. The political parties are run as family enterprises.

Accountability is important in the life of a nation. The civil society is partitioned into different groups representing religion, ethnic, languages etc, with a dire absence of a national ideology.

The study found out that political parties are largely a factor of division in the Pakistani politics than that of unity which is the ideal. Mostly when a dictator comes in power, they ban political activities and put leaders in jail or send to exile and they do not face resistance from the people at large. In my examination of integration in the political system of Pakistan, I will address two questions. So in effect the politicians, even the parties in the opposition, are the people responsible for lack of genuine democracy in the country.

Its head office is in Karachi. The party in power thinks accountability is a justice and the opposition declares it blackmailing.

As a result, the parties depend upon their leaders to maintain the contacts between the center and lower level workers. In these less democratic states, one group frequently holds the power.

DOC) Role of Political Parties in the Democratic System of Pakistan

Bhutto was more successful in restoring parliamentary government in Pakistan. The opposition party works to attract the attention of the people and poses as the second choice for government by the choice of people. Political parties are considered important for the functioning of modern government.

Today, beaux arts magazine pdf both electronic and print media play an important role in keeping the government accountable. Party theory There is an abundance of literature on the role of political parties. The party played oppositional role in the National Assembly.

If the government is unable to satisfy the people then it could be replaced at election time. Politics of Power-sharing in Post Pakistan. The party's entire political influence is based on agitation and public demonstrations. But for this, the politicians and the leaders will have to work hard together as a nation, from the grassroots level up to the national party leaders.

Role of political parties in pakistan pdfRole of political parties in pakistan pdf

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It is difficult to meet above discussed challenges in the case of territorial representation. There is no doubt that parties are an important part of the contemporary democratic system. And the worst issue is that in the country, accountability has never been centered on the government. Every state has its own political system. Without institutionalized parties, politics in the developing world would be unable to temper and channel social demand.

During next election, voters will have a record of their performance as the ruling party or parties. Muslim-majority cities would be included in Pakistan, and Hindu-majority cities would be included in India. Hence, President Yahiya Khan dismissed the legislature. But we must give credit to the present opposition because they have learnt from the bad experiences of the past. He abrogated the central and provincial governments by dissolving the national and provincial assemblies.

List of political parties in Pakistan

If the government is made accountable by the influence of the political parties, then the elected representatives present in the government will avoid any type of corruption. In this kind of situation diversity of opinion is marginalized and the status quo is upheld even when it is not working. Here, they discuss the important problems faced by the people of that territory or their needs and demands. This shows clearly the absence of integration in Pakistani politics. Political parties also represent democracy in the western world, including the political system developed in Britain in the eighteenth century.

Political parties organize the opposition to challenge government policies if they are against the benefits of people. The Mahajars are now the largest neglected group in Pakistan, neglecting the fact that they are business oriented personalities and are well educated. Under the constitution provision, Bhutto became prime minister of the government, elected by the majority of the National Assembly.

List of political parties in Pakistan

After sixty-four years of independence, major segments of society are still living without proper healthcare, sanitation, education, clean drinking water, housing, and transport. Even Bhutto gave important places among the government to the Sindh people belonging to the rural area. Each of these institutions functioned on the decisions and wishes of the head of the government. Balochistan National Party Awami. If elections are not held for the recruitment of the leader of a party then other members of the party are not given a chance.

Political parties in Pakistan. Delimitation of the subject Pakistan has a multiple-party political system.

Organizing of opposition in Pakistan Opposition! Political parties therefore lack majority support which breeds further dissatisfaction among the populace.

For example, some have worked on the structures, functions, types, and nature of political parties. Approximately two million people were killed due to communal violence and hatred between Sikhs, Hindus, and Muslims. It is currently the ruling party in the country. This conflict denies the major part of the democracy integration and works as a driving force pushing the people away from integration.

They filed cases against the government in the Supreme Court. In the case of Pakistan, people elect their representatives but these elected representatives do not represent their voters in the assemblies. So, they encouraged Sardars and Wadairas to join the political parties. When we discuss political integration, we presume the existence of different groups with different religions, languages, and cultural and ethnic identities. Integration Generally, integration is understood as a process that brings different groups together.

Role of political parties in pakistan pdf

For example, in several regions of Pakistan, the political system is not developed properly. While doing this, they present the conflict between people of Sindh and Punjab and apparently, they show that the people of the Sindh are aggrieved. Pakistan still has not found a stable political equilibrium or clear directions to resolve its fundamental political conflicts. These authors discussed these issues as a series of functions. All representatives were to be elected directly for five-year terms.