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It helped me a lot in understanding the subject thoroughly. In this step we have to define the splitting characteristics. Line item for Vendor and tax are split on the base of Pre-Defined criteria.

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Now if we make a payment for invoice created earlier. System validates a check all postings against the item category to validate if these postings are allowed by splitting rule if not then understand this failed. The item category for tax is is known by the system. This is step is most critical, here we define document splitting will take place on which characteristics e.

Zero balancing is taking care of document should be balanced also it should be balanced for specific characteristics e. Now almost every financial transaction in considered for document splitting. Under Zero balancing account we configure an offset account which generate automatically line item to balance the document for specific characteristics e. The Vendor Invoice is posted to expense accounts for costs belonging to two profit centers.

System adds the zero balance account at its own to make balance zero for transaction. Business Transaction and Variant Business transaction is part of any business process. Business Transaction and Variant. But in order to have correct rule we need to first define few important elements. Characteristics for which Zero Balancing required can be define.

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There is an input tax posted as part of this transaction. Now simulate this with General Ledger View as below. Hello, Excellent document.

Very Nice document Pankaj. Great explanation about document splitting, easyly everyone can understad this scenario.

Now in this example document is balanced from Co Code and Profit Center. In order to implement document splitting following elements need to be configure In order to Activate Document Splitting we need to Define Splitting Rules. Now this document is balanced at Co Code level. Example for active splitting discussed earlier. Splitting rules define which line item need to be split and which logic need to be used.

Activate of Document Splitting happens at client level but it is always possible to control of activation and deactivation at company code level. Very good document explained very well thank you for sharing. Earlier for generating Financial Statement below company code level required manual effort and usually done as month end activity. As in the previous example, the self balancing entry is automatically posted based on configuration settings. We can use the same ratio to split vendor amount and Tax amount.

Former Member Post author. In Splitting Rule first it is define that splitting method will be activated for which Business Transaction and variant. Superb compilation and beautifully explained.

Document is balanced with specific characteristics also. An example is when Vendor Invoice is paid, the Vendor line items on the payment document are split in the ratio of the original split in the preceding Vendor Invoice document. The Pre-Defined criteria here is Purchase Amount.


Here it must be noted that Document Splitting activate on client level but it can be deactivated by Co Code. Diagnosis The online document splitting is active in your system. The entered document contains a mandatory item category. Additionally you can define whether this should be Zero Balance and Mandatory.

Additionally you can define whether this should be Zero Balance and. And what if system takes care of this?

Same as Tax can also be split. This process will normally occur when. The process to transfer balances to Profit Centre increased the time to close books at end of the month. Note that Categories are pre-defined in system.

This view is called the data entry view. It allows business users to generate trial balance by Profit Centre in real time. Hence an offsetting account defined which is used to make document zero balancing for specific characteristics. Always be helpful to the community.

SAP- Document Splitting

For example here we have choose Method Follow Up Cost line. Document Splitting Method.

So now document will be posted as. Activate Document Splitting. During this transfer, the outstanding balance at the time of transfer would split by profit centre and post to respective profit centers. Hi, it is very good explanation.

SAP- Document SplittingDocument splitting Business transaction SKIP

However, einkommensteuer splittingtabelle 2012 pdf the Balance Sheet is not a balanced Balance Sheet. Explained in a logical way. The program behavior works as intended.

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