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He saw God's throne on wheels, moving quickly from place to place! It was because of this that they entered the Promised Land and claimed it for their inheritance. To Be Counted means to be the kind of Christian God can depend on the get the job done right.

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Whether it means freeing a nation from political bondage or delivering an individual from independence or codependence, liberation is a popular theme these days. The challenge of the Book of Judges is to be available to the possibilities of what God can do through you. The same God who enabled Nehemiah to finish building the walls of Jerusalem will enable us to finish our course with joy and accomplish the work He has called us to do. When society around us in is moral and spiritual darkness, God's people need to be lights and when society is decaying because of sin, we need to be salt.

Although they faced very different circumstances, both women were committed to God's work and they were both blessed abundantly for their faith. Faithlife Proclaim Church presentation software. These issues have challenged believers since the early church. He saw an army of skeletons reassemble and come to life! The messages of these six Minor Prophets point the way to an attitude of wonder and worship that can transform your life.

Be Determined tells us that there is no reason to quit or even despair! In this resource, each Psalm has an introduction and approximately three or four subsections where the author digs deep into the key verses for that Psalm. The book of Matthew offers a unique look at the revolutionary life and words of Jesus, and shares His dynamic principles for becoming a faithful subject in the kingdom of God.

Be Comforted details the lives of Isaiah and many powerful rulers of his day. The nation of Israel is a case in point. This major book in the Old Testament provides God's people with comfort, but not in the sense that we often view comfort today.

Warren Wiersbe asserts that we are living in a period that is very similar to that of the Israelite Judges. Wiersbe effectively illustrates that leadership is not easy but being decisive and firm in God's Word is the only way to lead well. Wiersbe has authored over books. Logos Powerful Bible study tools.

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They returned to the Holy Land, rebuilt the temple, and restored their civic life. This resource will provide ways that those in the church can improve their accountability to God.

It tells us how to be strong and courageous as we face our enemies and march forward to claim new territory for the Lord. Repeatedly, David learns the hard way that sin has consequences. But many people who want to be free don't really know what freedom is or how to use it if they have it. The Book of Judges is no exception. Pay Monthly Customize the length of your payment plan in cart.

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series by Warren W. Wiersbe

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As Israel's new generation prepared to enter the Promised Land, Moses taught them the basic truths they needed to know in order to defeat the enemy and claim their inheritance. These cookies are used to provide us with analytics and to enable us to make personalized recommendations.

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series. Jacob, who had his ups and downs but ended up a prince.

Warren Wiersbe s Old Testament Be Series (27 vols.)

Gain knowledge on any passage of the Bible, exactly when you need it. It will also track along with you as you read through the Bible. This makes these texts more powerful and easier to access than ever before for scholarly work or personal study. Pastors, open office manual pdf teachers and Bible students of all ages can study the Bible in easy-to-read sections that emphasize personal application as well as biblical meaning.

Warren Wiersbe s Old Testament Be Series (27 vols.)

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The author of Be Strong believes the church needs the message of the Book of Joshua more than ever. Our site uses cookies to provide you with the best experience possible.

As David experienced time and time again, with God there is the possibility of restoration. It means holding on to God's truth no matter how heavy the burden or how dark the day, knowing that He is working out His perfect plan. Helpful endnotes are also only one click away! The Book of Daniel's application for today is easily visible in Be Resolute because today's society is a good deal like the one Daniel lived in centuries ago. Do you want to know God more and understand his relationship to his creation, the nations of the world, Israel, and today's believers?

This resource is a guide for any person who wants God to work through them in a world that desperately needs guidance. Need to set up an account? God's glorious kingdom Joel The Day of the Lord is coming, and the world stands unprepared! From false doctrine to mixed messages, Christians were struggling to separate fact from fiction. Nor do they realize that Job suffered as he did so that God's people today might learn from his experiences how to be patient in suffering and endure to the end.

So it was with the Jewish remnant after the captivity in Babylon. Encourage Each Other and Be Ready.

We live in a world filled with artificial marvels, and too many of us have forgotten how to be amazed at what God is saying and doing by His mighty power. Faithlife Your digital faith community. Whether we like it or not, God's people are expected to be soldiers. Written in a personal, easy-to-understand style, join Dr.

For the Olive Tree Bible App. Filled with poetry and laments to the Lord, the book's authors were people who knew dire circumstances as well as great joy. This resource guides the reader through Nehemiah with an easy-to-follow outline of the book and a helpful map showing the Israelite's rebuilding of the walls of the Holy city. You can also access these from the Resource Guide when it's applicable to the passage you're reading, providing additional context.

No matter what has happened between you and God in the past, restoration is possible. Often those with the deepest hurt appreciate grace most. Be Delivered searches through Exodus for greater insight on the concepts of freedom, bondage and deliverance. Living by faith means obeying God's Word in spite of feelings, circumstances or consequences. Features Click on a feature to learn more.

Download Warren Wiersbe Be Series.pdf