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Steven Melendez is an independent journalist with a background in technology and business. Most employers conduct performance appraisals with the aid of a performance evaluation.

About the Author Steven Melendez is an independent journalist with a background in technology and business. Add text to the form as well to tell people what to enter where. Many people mistake a performance evaluation as a test or an exam. This can be unwieldy, though, and requires your recipient to either have a printer and scanner or for you to wait for postal mail delivery. You may not be able to use email to collect some sensitive information for this reason.

How to Convert Word to an Editable PDF Form

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Then, create a new document. By doing this, communication is established and enhanced between a supervisor and an employee. When you're done, you can save the form and send it to other people to fill out. There are different types of evaluations and they typically vary according to what is being focused on or what is being assessed.

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Plateformes d assistanceHow to Convert Word to an Editable PDF FormHow to Convert Word to an Editable PDF Form

You can create a fillable form in Word itself, so that other people can fill out the form without editing the underlying document. An alternative is to use digital tools to create a form that someone can fill out on a computer and smart phone and send back to you digitally. You can then ask people to fill it out by hand and mail it back, fax it to you or scan it and email back the completed form. An evaluation is typically documented using Performance Evaluation Forms.

By doing so, a supervisor will be able to properly profile an employee so that he is placed in a team or a department where he can maximize his skills and perform better. Evaluations, however, are actually constructive tools used that are used by companies and organizations for their improvement and development.

Using forms allow you to organize your thoughts and keep your assessments for record purposes. One of the most common type of evaluation is a performance evaluation. Although exams may be used as a tool for evaluation, a performance evaluation in itself is more than an exam.

You can also use Acrobat to distribute the form, emailing it to people and collecting their responses in your inbox or through a system such as Microsoft SharePoint. The result of an evaluation will allow a supervisor to determine if an employee has the capacity to take on bigger work responsibilities and if an increase in compensation is merited. You can also create a fillable form in Word itself that other people can fill out using Word. Acrobat will detect potential form fields and add them automatically, but you can use the tools in the right editing pane to adjust them, delete them or add new form fields.

12 Sample Evaluation Forms in Word

You can download our forms to help you save time and money. Evaluations are usually deemed to be hassling and time-consuming tasks for many.

Create a Word document and save it in Word, then open Acrobat. Once the document is created, use the options on the Developer tab to add form fields in Word. If you have a Microsoft Word document that you would like to turn into a digitally fillable form, raised floor system pdf you have a number of options available. Providing feedback to an employee after conducting an evaluation is necessary.

12 Sample Evaluation Forms in Word